Dial up Service

Intrastar was the first Internet service provider in the area and have continued providing dialup access since 1995. Unfortunately, with the continuing deterioration of area phone equipment, and no plans for its improvement, dialup speeds have suffered. We guarantee output from our dial up servers at 56K, but your connection speed is dependent on the condition of your area phone equipment.

Intrastar’s dialup service includes access to the Net, email, an accelerator (makes your dialup experience up to 10 times faster) and free immediate techical support, in East Texas English! We require no long-term obligation.

Dialup service prices:

  Month-to-Month $ 19.95 per month
  6 Month Pre-pay $107.70 ($17.95 per month)
  1 Year Pre-pay $203.40 ($16.95 per month)