Residential Broadband Service

True Broadband

Our Broadband Internet is unparalleled in performance and will provide you an unsurpassed value. We offer True Broadband so services like VOIP, Skype, online gaming, video streaming and conferencing are a working reality.

Most area homes will require simple eave or or roof-mounting hardware to hold the equipment to gain access to our broadband service. This hardware is included with installation at no extra cost. Because wireless Internet is similar to radio/TV/cell phone service, it’s range and signal quality is determined by distance, topography, and surrounding obstacles that may affect the reception of signal. If your residence is located in a topographically low spot or our radio signal is blocked by too much foliage, you may need to gain height via a mast or mini-tower in order to receive signal. This hardware is not included in our basic installation.

We have a number of residential bandwidth plans to fit your individual needs and we offer custom services if requested. Our fiber-optic network and wireless delivery offers extremely fast transfer rates at reasonable prices. VOIP telephone service with unlimited calls to the Lower 48 and Canada can be added for as little as $24.95 per month.

We offer true high speed access, with no promised “up to” speeds you may never see. Unlike our competition no long term obligations of any kind are required because we deliver what we sell. We have no hidden monthly fees and our service is backed by immediate local technical support. Professional, basic installation is $199.00 and we will repair, replace or upgrade the installed equipment as required. You are only responsible for damage or loss.

You may choose from our wide selection of residential service plans and costs:

Residential Service

 Down / Up
6 Month
 2M / 384k$39.95$229.95$419.40
 3M / 512k
 4M / 768k
$349.95 $659.95
 5M / 1M $69.95
 6M / 1.5M

* plus local sales tax (residential discount first $25.00 per month)