True Broadband

What’s new?

As we introduce our new website design, we wish to announce our Broadband Internet and VOIP service expansion in Houston County. Our fiber-optic network and wireless delivery system brings true broadband service to your home or business, so you may connect to the web at the speed you choose. Because we deliver wirelessly via local towers, latency is at an absolute minimum, making VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol), online gaming and video streaming a pleasurable experience.

As is our policy, when you order broadband Internet access, there are no surprise fees or mysterious charges on your bill and your service is backed by our local, English-speaking, friendly support.


We offer VOIP packages to meet both residential and business telephone communication needs. Our VOIP includes unlimited calling to the Lower 48 and Canada for as low as $19.95 per month. Broadband Internet is required.

When did this happen?

Since 1995, we have worked diligently to bring the newest technology to Houston County by being the first to provide dial-up Internet. As updated technology became available and area telephone equipment continued to degrade, we began designing, testing and building our wireless network. In 2005, we connected our first wireless customers in the Grapeland area. As technology matured and stablized, we built our fiber-optic/wireless network, making true broadband, high speed Internet access available to much of Houston County. As new technology is introduced, as always, we will continue to grow.